Version 2.0.466 is out + new server security and speed!


The academy server is now hosted by a much better server which insures better load speed and performance to garante! an uninterupted drinking experience.


  • New a fast server!
  • HTTPS protocol enabled with Lets Encrypt certificates
  • Better webcam reconnect for the java client
  • New colors for the graph in the java client (uhhhh)
  • Upgraded the client to use Secure Websockets

OBS: the old java client will not be able to update to the new version so you will have to go to the download section and get the newest version... sorry about that.

New Release 2.0.325!

New client features

  • Added top 3 profile pictures from different categories to jack, queen and king cards
  • Prompt for window closing (due to popular demand)
  • Added Güstas Pingen Pongen to server...

New website features

  • Live chat and webcam view now works on mobile devies
  • Event calendar added
  • Bug/Feature page re-designed



If you are in the top 3 in any of the categories then get your pictures changed so people are forced to look at your face while playing as a constant remainder that they are less people than you!