General info

Original Academy:
Idea & koncept:
Ole Rahbek & Rasmus Kold
Code by:
Rasmus Kold 2002-2005

New Academy
Based on the original Academy
New koncept and code by:
FUBR & Cramer

Special thanks is dedicated to the following people for a contribution in either the game or the scoreboard:

How to play

Academy is a turn based game. Each player draws a card, the card has a value ranging between 2 and 14. A beverage contains the amount of sips which have been chosen at the begining of the game (default: 14).
Before a player can draw a card, the player has to be at the indicated value of their chosen beverage. If the player in question is not at the designated value of sips, the other players have to wait until the player in question is at the designated value. When the player is at the indicated value, one of the other players draws a card for the player.
If the drawn card is an ace a new beverage has to be consumed. This will be timed. The timer starts when the player in question starts drinking and stops when the beverage is finished.
There are many ways to win the game, the most common is winning in consuming most sips in the game, other ways are: to drink the most aces, to drink the fastest ace, to have the fastest average round time, etc..

The Academy team


Cult leader of the drinking pyramid scheme, often seen as the mastermind to instigate a game of Academy. He will always try to get you to compete in a game and afterwards pad you gently on the back once you have gotten drunk.


One of the three idiots of season 7.


Henchmen of drinking pyramid scheme cult leader. But you can call me Jonas. Hobbies include excessive drinking, playing beer academy (often related to each other). All remaining spare time is hard to account for...


Likes to drink beer and make sure that everyone attends his academy parties. He will gladly fix any problem you might have, especially if the payment is one more round! He also loves butterflies and rainbow colored ponies, with a particular interest in pandas riding on a t-rex.


Wins too many Academy games, although none of them have been recorded as of yet. Some might argue this questions whether he actually wins, but of course he does, how else would you explain that he is drunk all the time?


Yet to be written